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DINO CRISIS 2:JUNGLE OF SILENCE: Survive Hungry Dinosaurs in this Survival Game

Dino Crisis 2: Jungle of Silence is a third-person indie action and survival game produced by Stefano Cagnani and published on November 28th of this year. The game is based on the survival panic of the same name, produced by Capcom for the PSX in 2000, and in this fan game, you control Dylan Morton, a soldier from the Tactical Reconnaissance and Acquisition Team (TRAT), on an original mission within the events of the second. game: your objective here is to find the last outpost of the TRAT, in search of survivors.

Once again Cagnani brings us exquisite work, this time outside of the movies. According to him, the game was made as a fan tribute and as an appeal to CAPCOM to produce a new game or a remake of the franchise, currently "abandoned" by the same. In terms of gameplay, it bears a slight resemblance to recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3: the game features an on-shoulder camera perspective, located behind the character. The graphics, I don't need to comment too much: anyone who has played a Cagnani game knows how hard he is in presenting us with beautiful graphics and a look that respects the original works.

Check out the gameplay of Dino Crisis 2: Jungle of Silence and enjoy downloading it by clicking on the links below.


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