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DISCONNECTED: Hunt down a Serial Killer in Canadian Mountains in this Simulation Game

Disconnected is a first-person simulation indie game created by Geqwe and released on January 2nd this year, on the indies games platform called "". The plot is very simple and revolves around the hunt for a serial killer, responsible for killing 13 people. You are a detective going to the Three Sisters mountain in Canada and tries to survive the freezing climate of the place while talking to a young detective, who helps you on the hunt.

For being a walking simulator, don't expect much from the game. Everything about it is very simple, like the low-poly graphics, the music that, although it is average, is enough to give the atmosphere of relaxation and solitude that the game presents, and the gameplay, where you move with the "WASD" keys, use the "M" keys to access the map, "E" for the flashlight and "G" for coffee. The latter serves as the survival factor for the character, along with the clothes, as you will spend a good deal of time away from home, facing the cold and deadly climate.

Currently, only the initial part of the game is available. The game works in an episodic format and it won't be long before new episodes appear to give more completeness to the plot. You can check the gameplay by clicking here and, if you are interested, you can download the game from the link (the same link where the gif image came from) below:

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