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DISMEMBER MIND 2: Zoe's Search for Revenge Continues in This Horror Sequel Game

Dismember Mind 2 is a third-person indie action and horror game produced by ReveVoodoo and published on the indie gaming platform on April 27 this year. The game is a direct sequel and continues Zoe's story and her quest for revenge that started in the first game. Here, six years have passed after she escaped, together with other girls, from a villa where they were tortured and abused. Now Zoe and Jess, one of those girls, live in a reformatory and apparently, they have found peace. However, on a beautiful day, that peace seems to have ended when he saw his new place invaded by a group of men, probably linked to his former abusers. Zoe witnesses a massacre and it is up to her to continue her revenge.

The game has the same characteristics as its predecessor: you walk, crouch and use your stealth to kill your enemies. The difference here may be in the camera used: here we no longer have that style of fixed camera inspired by Resident Evil, but a style of camera more similar to many current third-person games. Here we have a greater inspiration in Manhunt, when it comes to brutality. Using her stealth, Zoe executes her enemies in the most brutal way possible. The graphics have apparently evolved, but from time to time there are bugs in this regard, such as the game not loading a room in time after opening a door, for example. The soundtrack brings a very appropriate atmosphere, always keeping the player in constant tension, and demanding a lot of attention from him to be stealthy because here the chances of being detected and dying are very enormous.

Undoubtedly, Dismember Mind 2 manages to take the whole formula of the first and improve it, as well as the story, which gets deeper and deeper with each chapter. It remains only to wait for the end of Zoe's journey, as well as the improvements that will certainly come. Check out the gameplay of the game on this link here. Also, take the opportunity to download it on the page below:

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