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DREAD DELUSION: Embark on a Quest That Will Decide the Fate of an Fallen World

Dread Delusion is an open-world, first-person action-RPG indie game being produced by Lovely Hellplace and will be distributed by the Dread XP community, which like Haunted PS1 produces several horror games in the good old PS1 style. In Dread Delusion, you wake up in a fallen world, filled with chaos. Due to a strange curse, humanity started to create and inhabit continents that float in the sky. You are Prisoner XVII, and you received a call from an officer of the Apostatic Union, an organization dedicated to fighting heretics and pagans. Your initial objective is to find a criminal and bring her to justice.

What we saw here in the Dread Delusion demo is impressive: you have a huge open world, with several floating islands, with people to interact and monsters to kill. In terms of graphics, Dread Delusion is a real treat for fans of retro games, specifically Sony's 32-bit PSX console. Here we also noticed a bit of inspiration from The Elder Scrolls franchise, as it allowed for some customization of the character, albeit a bit simple in my opinion. Right from the start you build your characteristics, which can make you more powerful or smarter, depending on the qualities and skills you choose. Just like your character, items can also be improved by finding various items and materials scattered around the world. Perhaps the part that could be better elaborated here would be your soundtrack. Unfortunately it's a bit weak (in my opinion) and can't express that empty and decadent atmosphere that the game world presents.

So far, Dread Delusion is under development and because of that we don't have any specific release date. It's just a matter of waiting and hoping it's an excellent retro indie game. You can check the gameplay of the demo by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the demo (please put it on Steam's wishlist if you like it enough to want to buy it) by clicking on the game's page on Steam below:

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