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DREAD X COLLECTION 5: Up-n-comers and Veterans Join in a Brand New Chapter of this Horror Anthology

Updated: May 28, 2022

Dread X Collection 5 is the newest endeavor of the Dread XP community. The game was published on May 20th of this year on the Steam platform (and later on, and features 12 new games produced by both up-and-comers and veterans in the community. The game follows the same style of meta-narrative that started back in Dread X Collection 2, where you have a story mode that spans a map, and on this map there are twelve hotspots, which take you to the twelve games produced (13, if we take into account the story mode itself. Here, you explore the facilities of Outpost 3000: a place any child would dream of being on their birthday, but there are mysteries here: what exactly is this place? Who built it? is Outpost 3000 a theme park or is there something obscure going on here?

As with the other collections, Dread X Collection brings the best of horror in varied styles, both visual and sound, and with surprises in every corner. You can check out the Dread X Collection 5 gameplay as the days go by (and consequently with videos of the twelve games being posted here). If interested, buy Dread X Collection game, which is on sale, with 10% off (for a limited time) on Steam. The respective links are available below.


- HUNSVOTTI: Celebrate Midsummer with Finnish Locals in this Horror Game

Hunsvotti is a first-person simulation, action and horror game that was produced and developed by Roope Tamminen and that apparently has influences from Midsommar, a film produced and directed by Ari Aster in 2019. The game takes place in Finland in the year 1888, and you interact with the locals of a small village to celebrate Juhannus, a kind of ritual where great power can be obtained after fulfilling a ritual. Hunsvotti features really cool low poly graphics and a very peculiar color style from mid to late. Watch Hunsvotti gameplay here.

- GALLERIE: Discover the Dark Truth Behind an Art Gallery in this Cosmic Horror Game

Gallerie is a horror and simulation game produced and developed by Shakles and presents a very peculiar, colorful and different visual style, matching the game's proposal. The gameplay has only a simulation character, where you interact with objects while exploring the place. In the game, you go to an art gallery, but you notice the disappearance of people who are in that place and now it's up to you to move between the bizarre worlds presented by the art paintings and find a way to save them. Watch Gallerie gameplay here.

- BOOK OF BLOOD: Survive the Attacks of a Strange Masked Guy as You Unravel a Mysterious Book

Book of Blood is a first-person Simulation, Puzzle, Mystery and Horror game that was produced and developed by Darkstone Digital. In the game, you are Trevor, an amusement park employee who has volunteered to close the place for a weekend. However, things start to get weird and scary after you find an unfamiliar book and come across a strange masked guy who hands Trevor a note saying "Let me in". In terms of graphics, the game is very well done in that aspect. The characters that you interact with move and speak with impressive fluidity, and they are very well done. The gameplay is the highlight of the whole thing: combining elements similar to games like Five Nights at Freddy's (in this case, by ensuring that the booth you are in is locked and the park lights on) with puzzle elements (the book itself ), what we have here is a very fun game, with light scares and an intriguing story. Watch Book of Blood Gameplay Here.

- KARAO: Surreal and Terrifying Events Take Place at a Karaoke in this Action/Horror Game

Karao is a first-person psychological horror and action game that was produced and developed by Stroboskop. In the game, you find yourself at a karaoke event that is taking place well into the night. At one point, you go to the bathroom and hear someone singing. You take the way back and cross the door, but the door takes you, surreally, to an old abandoned train tunnel. Not knowing how this happened, you explore the place looking for answers... and a way out as well. In terms of graphics, Karao follows a style a little similar to Liquidators, that is, the game features well-made polygons, but wrapped in some kind of filter that makes the game look retro. The gameplay starts with a simulation behavior, but at a certain point it presents characteristics of an old FPS, and still presents puzzle elements in a combined way, since hitting some enemies at certain times can reveal the code to use on the doors and so on. proceed in the game. Watch Karao Gameplay here.

- ROTTEN STIGMA: Investigate a Sinister Cult in Search of Your Daughter in this Survival Horror Game

Rotten Stigma is a third-person survival horror action game that was produced and developed by VisceralError. In the game, you control Neal, a policeman who retired after his daughter Amanda was reported missing 3 years ago. During this period, all the investigation you did (and that took your peace and your job) took you to an abandoned and mysterious place, where rumors speak of an alleged cult that began to be carried out in the exact period of time when 12 children (including his daughter) have disappeared. The game itself has inspirations from Resident Evil (more precisely from 4) and Silent Hill. Graphically speaking, Rotten Stigma cannot be considered a retro game ipsis literis; actually the retro look comes more from the filter that was placed over the game, giving it a look that simulates the retro, just like in the game Liquidators, which we cover here on our blog. As for the gameplay, there's no secret, it's right in the Resident Evil game vibe and easy to learn, due to the tutorial that takes place during the game. Watch Rotten Stigma Gameplay Here.

- RESVER: Discover the Secrets that Surround a Mysterious Nightclub in this Simulation Game

Resver is a first-person horror simulation game that was produced and developed by Colorfiction. In the game, you live in a city completely surrounded by problems and injustice. The most you can do is party at night, and one of those nights, you get a call from one of your friends about a new nightclub that recently opened called Resver. The place is completely mysterious, and apparently no one talks about what goes on there. So, you decide to go with your friends and try to find out what happens inside. In terms of gameplay, Resver is a simple "walking simulator", where you just explore the place. The choice of visual style is very interesting, appealing to a minimalist aesthetic, where black, gray and white colors predominate. In terms of graphics, the game features a union of low-poly objects with sprite and hand-drawn characters. Watch Resver gameplay here.



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