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DREAD X COLLECTION: Experience the Horror, in this Anthology Presented by 10 Twisted Minds.

Updated: May 10, 2021

Dread X Collection is an anthology of indie games produced by Dread XP and several other developers and published on Steam on May 26, 2020. The anthology was produced, according to its page on Steam, in "7 sleepless nights". Here we have a total of 10 games; 10 tales of horror from 10 distorted minds, with the mission of creating a horror project (a la P.T.) that meets the expectations of its creators.

The games feature horror in a variety of ways, ranging from a simple first-person horror game like Carthanc, to a more tactical style like Don't Go Out, to a more retro style like Hand of Doom and even something unlikely like Summer Night, for presenting a style and visuals that resemble the old portable video games with monochromatic LCD screen.

You can check some of the games here and, if you are interested, you can buy the anthology on its Steam page. You can access everything at the links below:

HAND OF DOOM: Stop the Rise of a Master from a Dark Realm by using Spells in this Horror Game:

SHATTER: Help the New AI Gods to Dominate London in this Horror Game:

MR. BUCKET TOLD ME TO: Face Your Madness on a Desert Island in this Survival Game:

OUTSIDERS: Discover the Truth About the House and Strange Threats in this Horror Game:

ROTGUT: A Rave Party at Dawn Becomes an Insanity Trip in this Psychological Horror Game:

SUMMER NIGHTS: Get Mushrooms, Chase Monkeys and Escape from an Evil Ghost in this Horror Game:

THE PAY IS NICE: Investigate the Dark Secrets of a Research Facility in this Thriller Game:

THE PONY FACTORY: Take on Ponies from Hell in a Sinister Factory in this Thriller Game:

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