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DREAMDISC: A Simulation Game Where You Experience the Dreams of the Game Creator Itself

Dreamdisc is a short first-person simulation indie game created by papercookies (yes, the same creative guy behind the intriguing C.H.A.I.N.) and released on your page on December 21 of this year. The game is completely experimental and was produced having, as a base, the dreams had by the developer. you live every one of them, in a total of five, strange as it may seem.

The game, being very direct to point, has a visual which is similar to many PS1 games, nothing more, even more, if we take into account that the developer is, for a good time, on Haunted PS1 community, producing these games. The gameplay is simple enough: you only move and look with the mouse and that's it. There is no soundtrack, only ambient sounds, that combines very well with the proposal of experiencing a world of strange dreams directly from the developer's head.

Despite being a simple and short simulated experience, I confess that, from some time ago until now, the Haunted PS1 community has produced some interesting things referring to the retro culture. I always have been keeping up with these guys and seeing new work from one of these members, even being a short experience, always let me curious about playing. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below (the GIF image came from the same link, by the way):

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