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EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH: Your First Job in the Supermarket Becomes Hell in this Horror Game

Employee of the Month is a first-person indie horror adventure game produced by EntertainmentSystems (and its collaborators) and with a demo version published on August 16 of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you are an employee who gets a job in a supermarket. Once there, you are welcomed by the manager and owner of the place, who give you instructions. You'll spend the night replacing shelves and cleaning the place, as well as taking out the trash. However, strange things happen in the place, from dense fog outside to strange and invisible manifestations inside.

Employee of the Month has a gameplay style similar to games like Market, for example. Its function is to fulfill the proposed objectives while dealing with strange events that arise during the work, and that's where we have the horror aspect: jumpscares can arise, but most of the time, there are situations that anticipate the horror elements being enacted on the screen through colors, sounds and effects. In visual aspects, the game features an aesthetic style that was apparently inspired by PS1 games.

The game is still in the development stage. Judging by the demo, we see that the game is very interesting, with a style similar to other games of the type, but with something more. The game is certainly worth a try, which can be downloaded from the page below. In addition, you can check its gameplay, which can be accessed on the link below:

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