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ENDOPARASITIC: Its limbs were ripped from the body. Oh! no! What is this moving inside of you.

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Endoparasitic is a horror and action game developed by Narayan Walters where you play as a parasite infected who has had his limbs forcibly removed, shading only his torso, head and arm. Now, having managed to survive, you must face mutant beings while saving your research in a laboratory that is located on an asteroid.

The game features 2D visuals with top-down action gameplay where you explore dark places, interact with objects, pick up weapons and face monsters with specific behaviors. The game has several stages and a high difficulty level, making it possible for you to repeat a scenario dozens of times, because at times you need to memorize your steps, as the weapons are loaded one bullet at a time and, to access your arsenal, you need to use the mouse and withdraw from the body.

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