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ESSE PROXY: face gangs and occultists in this fast-paced futuristic game.

This Proxy is a fast-paced shooter with top-down vision developed by From South Games where you are part of a group of rebels who encounter gangs, occultists and corrupt rulers in the not-too-distant future.

The game has graphics that generate doubts because, within the game, they are attractive and well made, but seen from close up, they resemble some models of generic visual novel games. The light effects and the cyberpunk theme help do not cause as much strangeness.

The sound is filled with New Retrowave songs and the effects are very realistic giving the right weight for the shots.

The gameplay can be a little complex at first with commands located in strange areas like the sword that is used by pressing "alt" while you walk using WASD. The mouse is responsible for aiming and also serves to shoot and zoom the scene, which helps to visualize and create strategies.

Despite being an initial version of the game, This Proxy shows its highest factor: the difficulty. Common in fast-paced games, here, one shot, repeats the entire stage.

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