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FATE OF DYNASTY: Find a Way to Do the Ritual to Escape the Dungeon in this Puzzle Game

Fate of Dynasty is an indie first-person puzzle game produced by Antonsem for this year's Global Game Jam, and published on January 31, on the indie gaming platform "". In Fate of Dynasty, you are trapped in a huge room, and apparently, you are at risk for your life. You have a knowledge of the magical arts and have managed to obtain almost all the ingredients to perform an escape ritual. It only needs a drop of pure blood, but the material needed for this, a silver dagger, is rusty. It is up to you to find a way to recover the dagger in its old form and thus use it to perform the ritual.

Fate of Dynasty is still at a stage of development. The game has beautiful graphics in voxel style, that is, a kind of three-dimensional pixel. The gameplay is simple and completely focused on the puzzle. Despite being short, the game has good potential. In my opinion, the game could expand the scenario even more, in addition to having more focus on history.

Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here and take the opportunity to download it on the "" page, by clicking on the link below:

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