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FATUM BETULA: Explore a World Stagnant in Time and Change your Fate in this Puzzle Game

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Fatum Betula is a first-person indie adventure puzzle game that was produced by Bryce Bucher and was published June 12nd, 2020, and updated August 4th, 2021, available on, Steam and Nintendo Switch platforms. In the game you venture into a world with no past (and probably no future too). The only thing that controls everything in this strange world is a magical birch, and your goal is to create a new destination for this world by finding something suitable to feed it.

Bryce Bucher is already a stamped figure on both the channel and blog. His works are more present in the Haunted PS1 community, such as Protagoras Bleeds, Winter Walk 2006, Necro Night, among others. The guy manages to create interesting experiences using an aesthetic well inspired by PS1 games, added to a soundtrack that suits very well the atmosphere of mystery and even horror created.

In gameplay, there is nothing to comment: it has a simulative character, where you only interact with objects, taking them from one point to another. Fatum Betula is a broad game: you can explore a lot and its 10 endings (including a secret one) convey a lot of information about the history of that place.

So far, Fatum Betula is (strangely) in the development stage (probably for bug fixes). Despite this, the game is available for sale both on the PC ( and Steam) and on the Nintendo Switch. If you are interested, you can buy it by clicking on the links below. In case you are just curious, you can check the gameplays of each end of the game, just click on the links, which are also below.



01 - The "PARASITES" Ending:

02 - The "MURDERERS" Ending:

03 - The "CYCLE" Ending:

04 - The "FAITH" Ending:

05 - The "BONES" Ending:

06 - The "FEED IT" Ending:

07 - The "FOREVER" Ending:

08 - The "DEVELOPED" Ending:

09 - The "WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?" Ending:


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