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FEEDVID LIVE: A Short Puzzle Game Taking Place in an Strange and Cruel Livestreaming App

CONTENT WARNING: This game depicts mutilation (non-graphic), stalking, guns, and mental distress.

FeedVid Live is a short indie horror puzzle game that was produced by Varun R. and published on January 28th of this year on the platform. FeedVid Live is a game that has a strong emphasis on meta aspects and in it, when you open a streaming app, you receive an invitation to a strange live where, through commands made in the chat, you give orders to the person who is filming, in an attempt to escape from captivity.

The game itself is a sequel to the previous game (although it is not directly related in terms of plot) and is very interesting in its purpose, since the gameplay consists of interacting through chat and solving puzzles, which is the strongest point. about the game. The graphics (at least from the streaming) are very well produced, almost bordering on realism.

Check out the FeedVid Live gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game, just click on the respective links below.


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