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Flirting with Death in a Dungeon full of Souls.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Running Rogue is a roguelike indie game with elements of fist person, parkour and beat'n up that had your demo version published on this year's Indie Cup Celebration. You control a thief that, with your magical gloves, see himself locked in a dungeon with souls, skeletons, and knights. Your mission is to surpass these challenges to face death and recover your humanity.

The game, being a roguelike, changes your way every time you play the game, making the replay factor more interesting. The hero can run, jump, punch, defend and run through the walls, as well as use a special move by holding the punch button. The graphics are beautiful despite the simple visual, the characters are a little cartoonish, which gives a certain charm, and the soundtrack, at first sight, is interesting.

Actually, the game finds itself in the Alpha stage for tests, and have your release planned for 2021. You can download and check out this game right here:

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