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GBA JAMPACK VOL.1 TECH DEMO: Once More, Testify the Power of GBA's Hardware

And once more, we have seen the potential that Game Boy Advance hardware can reach: today, November 28th, 2020, an animator called 3DSage published, on your YouTube channel, a new tech demo which shows us, one more time, the 3D capacity that the Nintendo's 6th Generation Portable Console can produce. Here, he created 3 scenes with 3 known games by the public: Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and a new successful game between the casuals: Among Us.

On this tech demo, we see the characters moving with good fluidity, what is very impressive, and it's not the first time that 3DSage does something like this: three months ago, he published in your channel a realistic tech demo for the console, showing the portable's power. No shadow of a doubt, it's impressive to see how he does to reach the hardware's limit without graphic or performance problems.

The tech demo works very well both on a cartridge for the console and on an emulator. You can check this awesome work by clicking right here, as well as download the ROM by clicking on the link below:

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