GLITCHEON:assume a self-conscious shape and glitch the entire structure of the place.

Updated: Feb 7

Glitcheon is a platform game and also an adventure game developed by River Forge Games, Yan and Bonicle where you play as a self-conscious account for a website called The Forum. Now your goal is to explore the depths of the place and collect skills that will help you bring the place down.

The game features Metroidvania gameplay where you explore a large map, collect skills, face enemies and interact with the environment. The commands are quite simple, but difficult to master. As you progress, the game becomes more and more challenging, with areas that require the perfect mastery of acquired skills.

The game has beautiful graphics, with insertion of 3D elements and visuals rich in parallax (when the game has several layers on the scene). The sound does a good job with amazing tracks and very familiar sound effects.

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