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GRAND STORY: An Simulation Game Where You Do Your Daily Routine On the Eve of Xmas

Grand Story is an adventure and simulation indie game that was published on November 27 of this year. In this game, you are an older lady that lives a peaceful and monotonous life in a rural area. It's snow period right there and we are a few days before Xmas, and you simply do your daily routine, as well as wait for news about your grandson.

There's no much to say about this game: cartoonish graphics that have your charm, a soundtrack with few pieces of music and combining with the game's proposal, and simple gameplay, where you need only to move and interact. Nothing more, nothing less than this. The moral present in this game is about family appreciation since the protagonist is a person that lives alone in a house and misses your family.

Despite being short (about 15 minutes), the game is worth it for simple casual fun. Check out the gameplay right here and download, if you're interested, here on the link below:

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