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GREEK TRAGEDY: Discover the mysteries of a strange fraternity and rescue your boyfriend

Greek Tragedy is an adventure game and also a horror game developed by Arbor Interactive where you play as Amy Chipley, a college student who is on a dark campus. Now you need to discover the mysteries of Delta Psi Fraternaty and rescue your boyfriend from a strange cult.

The game has gameplay similar to games like Resident Evil where you control a tank. The graphics simulate the style of Playstation 1 games and the ambient sound helps to immerse the player in the narrative.

The puzzles may seem difficult, but by the end of the demo they are quite easy to find out if the documents are read carefully and use a little bit of trial and error.

There is extra content after the end of the demo, where you can explore the campus and even some houses. You can also find talking animals like a bear, a fish and even a peguin, as well as a vehicle walking uncontrolled, a square with a central sculpture, breaking into a stadium, finding a weapon, a medical kit and even a fake dog.

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