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HEIR'S SWORD: Take on the Skeleton King and Take His Crown by Right in this Adventure Game

Unreal PlayStation Demo is a collection of demo games produced by Warwolf and with a demo version published on March 6th this year, on the indie gaming platform "". The only demo that can be played at the moment is called "Heir's Sword", and in it, you control a warrior who must venture through a treacherous labyrinth full of monsters, with the mission of defeating the Skeleton King and claiming his crown by right, as King of his people.

The collection is inspired by the famous demo discs that were sold or given as gifts in various game stores in the 90s. As mentioned above, only Heir's Sword, among all the other demos shown in the collection, is playable. The game has all the aspects that evoke the nostalgia of the time: serrated low poly graphics, striking soundtrack and gameplay typical of the PSX adventure games of the time, reminiscent of games like Crusaders of Might and Magic, for example.

According to the developer, more demos will be presented in the coming months. We hope for more news from this collection. Check out the gameplay of Heir's Sword on this link here and, if interested, download it from the game page below:

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