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HELIOPOLIS: Face the Chamber of Elements to Prove Your Worth to your Master in this Puzzle Game

Updated: May 19, 2022

Heliopolis is a short indie first-person puzzle game that is being produced by Juan Royes, Silvina Blanco, Willy Aguirre, Antonella Romero, and Agustin Moratoria and that is apparently in the development stage, with only a prototype published on May 1st of this year, on the platform. In Heliopolis, you are an apprentice to the famous successful entrepreneur and occultist Francisco de Piria, who was also known for building the mysterious city of Heliopolis. Your goal here is to face and pass the ultimate test to become a master of alchemy. To prove your worth you will face each of the four elemental chambers and try to get out of them alive.

Heliopolis was initially produced for this year's "This is: Uruguay Jam", with the theme of "mysticism". In terms of gameplay, the game is very simple, at least in this prototype: you just walk around and observe each location and solve some puzzles, some of them with the answer already ready in your Diary, such as the test of faith. the challenge level here is low. As for the graphics, they are average but very beautiful for a prototype. And it got much more interesting because many of the assets used here are from third parties, nothing built by gamedev itself.

It remains only to wait for the next updates. Heliopolis has good potential, and it would be nice to see new implementations introduced here. In meantime, you can check out the gameplay on our channel, as well as download the game to try it out, if you're interested. The respective links are below.



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