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HIGHSCORE KILLER: A Horror Game Where You Play an Odd Arcade with a Dangerous Entity

Highscore Killer is a first-person simulator and horror indie game created by justinjj and published on December 11th of this year. The game itself doesn't have a definite plot, but it seems that you are a young man that bought an old arcade shop and is waiting for your friend, that doesn't have appeared. You check the electricity system and finds out that the only arcade machine left is working very well, and you play a game there while waiting for your friend. And is at this moment that weird things begin to happen.

Being short and direct, the graphics are very well made, the gameplay is very simple, where you only move and interact with some objects. The soundtrack consists only of sound effects and ambient sounds, which improves the tension feeling of the game, nothing more, nothing less than this.

Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download this game on the link below.

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