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HUNGER SOULS: Survive from Zombie Attack and Escape With Safety in this Shooting Game

Hunger Souls is an indie action and first-person shooter produced by liteside and published on the "" platform on January 1st of that year, with an update on the 8th of the same month. The game has no plot, it has only two stages and in each stage, the premise is the same: you just try to survive the zombies.

The game looks more like a prototype version than a finished version. Zombies are very generic and at certain times there can be several bugs, some of which make gameplay practically impossible. Certainly, when we see that the game was updated yesterday, it is possible that it will be fixed over time. In my opinion, the game should be a little neater both in terms of the logo and the characters.

Check out the gameplay by clicking here and access the game by clicking the link below:

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