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IN THE OTHER ROOM: Explore Two Dimensions of the Same Room Through a Mirror

In The Other Room is a short indie Interactive Fiction game with touches of Psychological Horror that was produced by Joe Louis Robinson and Tyler Jacob Jones and was published on February 13th of this year on the platform. In the game, you explore, through a mirror, two dimensions of the same place: one, torn apart by war and on the verge of total destruction, and another, apparently normal, a girl's room. Your goal is to find out what, or who, is "in the other room."

According to the developers, In the Other Room was produced for an Australian game jam within 36 hours. As it is a game produced for this type of event, there is not much to talk about here. It features simple but well-made graphics and simple gameplay too, since all you do here is walk from one dimension to another, exploring all the items, changes and messages that are left, leaving the interpretation according to the perception of the player.

Check out In The Other Room's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game by clicking on the respective links below.




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