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INTRUDER: Find the Intruder who Broke and Entered Into Your House in this Horror Game

Intruder is a short indie first-person psychological horror adventure game that was produced by Timberwell and published on May 20th of this year, available on the platform. In Intruder, you are homeless, alone at night, and you come across a news on the internet about a police report about a home invasion and robbery that is happening in your neighborhood. According to the news, in just a single month, a total of 47 homes were invaded and robbed. As soon as you finish reading the news, you end up hearing one of your windows being broken: it's official, someone has invaded your house and you must investigate and find the invader.

In terms of graphics, Intruder takes inspiration from PSX games, using simple graphics, with aliasing and low resolution, but, being very honest here, I believe that in this aspect it could have been much more neat, especially if we compare it to his last work, Almost Home Now. As for the gameplay, there's not much to say about it, it's quite simple and features the typical simulator behavior seen in several other games, where you just walk and interact with some objects to proceed in the story.

Check out Intruder's gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download Intruder from the page. If interested, download Intruder from the page. The respective links are available for access below.

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