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KANPEKI: a PS1-Inspired Survival Horror Game About Weird High School and Perfectionism

Kanpeki is an indie survival and psychological horror game being developed by Streetlight Studio, and which recently had its demo version published on the platform, more precisely on May 13th this year. In Kanpeki, you are Hoshi Morimoto, a perfectionist "gyaru" (a term given to Japanese girls who are passionate about makeup, blonde hair, trendy clothes, and in some cases, tanning beds) who ends up having a mental breakdown after realizing, in front of the bathroom mirror, who came to school with smudged makeup. Upon waking up, he finds himself in a nightmarish version of his rural hometown, filled with deranged teenagers affected by a strange "Choking Game". Your objective is to escape this world of horror, full of dangers at every turn.

In terms of graphics and visuals, Kanpeki drew influences not only from PSX games, but also from the famous camera style of games like Resident Evil, Alone in The Dark, and Dino Crisis. You control Hoshi through pre-rendered scenarios with fixed cameras, and your gameplay tries to be similar to the games mentioned above. In Kanpeki, you can explore different areas and uncover secrets by holding your breath. In addition, you also find deranged teenagers walking around in the most varied areas, and you can attack them using a taser, stunning them so you can go on your way. Apparently the story develops both through the dialogues and the notes you find in the distorted city.

In fact, we have an interesting survival horror, with an atmosphere along the lines of classic games of the genre. While the full version is not released, check out Kanpeki's gameplay on our channel. If you're interested, you can download the demo from the page. Just click on the respective links here below.



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