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LAST BUS HOME: You Are At A Bus Stop For The Last Bus, But A Stranger Appears.

Last Bus Home is a short horror game developed by majik where you play as a normal person waiting for a bus at an isolated, motionless bus stop, far from the city and totally dark. However, someone else appears and questions his intentions.

The game is short and can be over in less than 5 minutes. However, the experience can be repeated more times to get different differences that will depend on the type of reaction you have when the stranger appears on the stop bus.

The game creates a good atmosphere of horror with just a single scenario and few graphic assets. There's just bush, a short road, a bench, a bus stop signpost, you and the stranger. The unique objects in the scene to create a true thriller of short duration, but that manage to entertain and hold the player's attention.

Check out the Last Bus Home gameplay (All Endings) (On Youtube)

Download Last Bus home horror game


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