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LIMINAL RANGER: Solve the Problems of Some Entities (and Yours too) in this Adventure Game

Liminal Problem is an indie action-adventure game produced by yatoimtop and published on the "" platform, on January 21st this year. In the game, you are a ranger that after the disappearance of your friend, the appearance of a strange entity, and entering through a door that took you to a parallel dimension 5 years ago, started to investigate, at the behest of your boss, other worlds helping entities in their problems (and also trying to solve yours).

The game has an excellent soundtrack, very well produced and that blends well with each game world. The graphics are beautiful. Each character and setting has some personality and style. The gameplay is very interesting. You have 4 tools at your disposal to help you explore the worlds behind the tracks.

In each of the 3 worlds, you can also find hidden memories, related to your life, which is essential for you to unlock the true ending of the game. From the third world onwards, you will be required to dispose of equipment and upgrade one of the ones you have, allowing further exploration.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent game. It is worth taking a look at. You can watch the gameplay of the game by clicking here, or have the experience of playing by downloading it by clicking on the link below:

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