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LOOK BEHIND YOU: Find the Exit from Laboratory and Always Watch Your Back in this Horror Game

Look Behind You is an indie survival horror game produced by Frederico Rasi and LeonardoBena and published on the indie gaming platform "" on July 29 of this year. In the game, you control a person known only as "Test Subject 0094", who wakes up in a strange, dark room, without the remotest memory of how and why he got there. Your objective is to explore the strange place and find a way to escape from there, but keep one thing in mind: always look behind you.

Being very straightforward here: the game is quite simple in its proposal, which is the famous "explore the place using a flashlight for clues or codes, use what you found to leave the place and avoid getting caught". Nothing more or less than that. A fact that we have here in Look Behind You is that the game is very dark, very dark indeed, which makes scares even easier if you are caught off guard. The use of the flashlight can help a lot to guide you or it can attract your pursuer, so the dosage of use is important here. In visual aspects, the game presents very nice graphics and that are improved with a filter that emulates the effects of an old movie (or something like that).

The game is extremely short and you can complete it within minutes. The time decreases considerably if you play for the second time and knowing how to proceed here. Check out the Look Behind You gameplay by clicking on this link here and if you are interested you can download the game on the page below:

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