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LORCAN THE LEPRECHAUN: a fun and great Super Mario Odyssey-like 3D Platformer game

Lorcan The Leprechaun is an indie collecathon game inspired by games like Super Mario Odyssey where you play as Lorcan, a leprechaun, for various worlds full of adventures collecting coins and golden four leaf clovers.

Your objective in the game is to collect all four-leaf clovers in the world. However, in the alpha demo version you can visit only 3 of these worlds and see what the game can provide you. And, quickly, the answer is: lots of fun. The worlds are full of life and charismatic characters where and will bring a good nostalgia for fans of games like Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario and new ones like fans of Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Odyssey.

The controls also imitate the Nintendo plumber with very similar jumps and attacks, all accompanied by great graphics and music.

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