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LUMINIS OCULI: A Horror Game Where You Must Use Light to Escape from a Sinister Cave

Luminis Oculi is an indie adventure puzzle game with twists of horror produced by albin.hyseini and published on July 29 of the same year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you are a backpacker who is on a mountain trip and discovers a strange well at a certain point. What you didn't expect is that when you leave the place and continue your walk, you end up being pulled (by strange forces) into the well. Once there, you will eventually realize that you shouldn't have visited this place.

The game itself presents beautiful visuals: the external part, that is, the landscape in the mountains, is very beautiful and very well produced (to the point of being a little slow on my PC, by the way). Really the level of care on the part of game dev is very positive and appreciable in my opinion. As for the gameplay, it's very simple and more focused on the puzzle, which is the high point here: you have a series of mechanisms that when activated will open doors for you to proceed. It even makes it a little easier for the player: at times you will need to use an element of the puzzle that has already been used to open another mechanism. And that kind of can be considered a downside because it doesn't consist of a certain level of challenge.

Being such a cool game, it's a shame it's pretty short. It would be interesting to have a little more puzzles and a little context to justify the emergence of everything that happens underground. But for the little time he has, Luminis Oculi is worth checking out. See the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download it on the page below:

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