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MALVIAJE: survive the horror with your cell phone and a bottle of vodka in this game.

Malviaje is an indie survival horror game developed by malviajeATR where you play as a drunk who, after falling asleep, wakes up in empty and lonely streets. However, with your vodka and your cell phone in hand, you realize that you are not alone and that your company is from another world.

The game has 2d and 3d visuals, where the environment and movement are three-dimensional with good scenery and textures, while the 2d assets are the character's hands where the left hand holds your cell phone with a counter that indicates the time you need to survive and , on the right side, your bottle of vodka.

The game has a simple gameplay and is more like a concept or a short game, with a simple plot and objective, while collecting coins - which we haven't discovered for what purpose - hidden by the scenery.

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