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MIL ROSAS: A Meta Adventure Game About a Patient Playing a Game During a Chemo Process

Mil Rosas (One Thousand Roses) is a first-person (and third-person) narrative adventure game that was produced by H.M. Huízar and published on July 22nd, 2021, and updated on March 3rd, this year, on the platform. In the game, you follow the story of Luchias, who finds himself in a chemotherapy session, and the only way you have to pass the time is a pink handheld console, where you play an adventure in a distant kingdom, besides, of course, talk to your mother, sister and friend every time they show up.

The game presents a narrative that could be considered as "autofiction", that is, Mil Rosas (One Thousand Roses) is a fictional story, but it has as its theme the experience of the creator of the game, who survived a chemotherapy session to treat cancer he had at the time. The art by Pamela Torres Martínez (aka cosmicphamtom) is very well done and gives the game a peculiar characteristic, blending with the three-dimensional environment.

The game has a camera style that switches between first and third person: during the conversation with your loved ones, you can only move your head from side to side, to see people, while in console mode, you control your character on a large map, where you explore the location in search of items to complete a quest.

One Thousand Roses is undoubtedly an interesting game, with an exciting narrative and worth checking out. The gameplay of the game can be watched on our channel and, if you are interested, you can download the game on the platform. Just click on the respective links below.



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