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MY COMPUTER WANTS TO EAT ME?: Hunt Disks in Your Dreams for a Hungry Computer in a Simulation Game

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

My Computer Wants to Eat Me? is an indie simulation game with horror touches produced by Wrath of Wood and published on November 8th of this year, on the indie gaming platform In the game, you are a young man who lives alone and who received an old computer from his parents, at your request. After turning it on, you realize that it won't work unless you have some disks. Your objective here is to enter your dreams and look for some disks to ensure the machine works.

The game was produced for this year's DREAM JAM, with the dream as the main theme for the creation of the games and, in fact, My Computer Wants to Eat Me? it seems like an experimental game like that, where so much surreal happens that you end up having to play it again and again to try to understand. Graphically, the game uses an aesthetic similar to Doom, which is not bad, on the contrary, it contributes even more to the surreal experience of the game. The gameplay is quite simple: you enter your dreams and explore the most diverse places in search of disks to use on your computer. In addition to disks, you can also find shiny stones (which, honestly, I still don't know exactly what they are for), scattered in specific spots in dreams.

The game features two endings, which can be triggered depending on what you do in the game. Check out the gameplay of My Computer Wants to Eat Me? and/or download the game by clicking on the links below.


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