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MY EYES INSIDE OUT 2: Discover the Origin of the Monsters that Plague an Abandoned City

My Eyes Inside Out: Chapter 2 is an indie first-person survival horror action game that was produced by ReveVoodoo and published on the platform on December 21st of this year. The game is a direct sequel to Chapter 1 and in it, you continue the saga of Angela, who after spending several months dealing with traumas related to the previous episode, embarks on a journey with her friends and Ned, now her ex-boyfriend. Ned has investigated the entire place where Chapter 1 took place and, armed with all the information related to the place and a dangerous radioactive material that gave rise to the hell that Angela went through, he decides to help her put an end to it once and for all.

ReveVoodoo is already a stamped figure here on the channel and on the blog. As in many of the works produced by him, Chapter 2 presents an improvement both in terms of scenarios and levels of challenge compared to the first chapter. Drawing heavily on CAPCOM's recent success, Resident Evil: Village, Chapter 2 presents a somewhat similar atmosphere of tension and horror, where at times you need to exercise caution, as each attack from monsters drains a lot of your energy, it could even lead you to a game over right away. Gameplay is typical of many indie action horror games published on, nothing new here.

Now there is a serious problem here that bothered a lot while playing it: there are excessive bugs both in the graphics and programming aspect. But the worst, perhaps, is in the programming aspect. It wasn't rare that after losing to the final boss of the game, you went back to the arena, to face him again and... the final boss didn't show up, leading you to complete the entire process to reach a location and return all the way until you face him again in the arena. And even worse: it may happen that you return to the location and the boss still doesn't show up, causing you to load a savestate before it's time to face the boss. It is something that urgently needs to be fixed.

Despite the bug, the experience My Eyes Inside Out: Chapter 2 provides is something similar to the Village: frenetic action, combined in harmony with tense and frightening moments. Another thing I thought was really cool here was to witness (in the very beginning) the establishment of a universe created by ReveVoodoo, where the games created by him connect in a simple, but interesting way at the same time. Check out the gameplay from My Eyes Inside Out: Chapter 2 and if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.


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