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NEONCODE 2: Investigate a Valuable Gem Theft in this Cyberpunk Action Adventure Game

NeonCode 2 is a first-person indie action-adventure game produced by fubenalvo, which has a demo version published on July 30th of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". This is a direct sequel to the first game and here you control Detective Craig Willams again in yet another case. This time, you are contacted by Mr. James Klueso via holographic message. He says that there was a bank robbery a few days ago and that those responsible for the act stole Klueso's highly esteemed Blue Tiger jewel. Your mission is to investigate all the surroundings and find both the thieves and the gem.

NeonCode 2 takes us to a world that mixes the Noir style with the Cyberpunk subgenre, influenced by works such as Blade Runner, Grim Fandango, Miami Vice and others. Apparently, you have an open world (probably not that big), and your job here is to scour the whole place for clues. In fact the game here only takes us some close to the starting point (your apartment), due to the fact that it's still in the development stage.

Right away, I could see a change here in visual aspects: in this sequence, they opted for a more stylized look, with low poly characters and maybe even cartoonish, in contrast to the realistic and a little more sober look of the first game. The game's ambiance was done in an excellent way, featuring a cyberpunk world with everything it's entitled to: synthesized soundtracks, neon colors everywhere, characters with cybernetic implants, etc.

As for gameplay, it's standard for many first-person action games: you move, look around and attack with the mouse, jump with the Spacebar, etc. Nothing new around here. Undoubtedly, what was seen here in NeonCode 2 can be very interesting, and may present a good evolution compared to the first game. You can check out the gameplay of NeonCode 2 by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the demo on the page below:

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