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NIGHT IN RIVERAGER: Enter into Danger in search of a Remedy for Your Mother in this Horror Game

Night in Riverager is an indie horror game produced by Two Star Games and published on February 2nd of this year, on the "" platform. The game acts as a prequel to My Beautiful Paper Smile, another horror game produced by him. Here you control the Hunter, a mysterious figure who, in order to find a medicine capable of healing his mother, ventures into the King's realms, where danger dwells in the form of both natural and supernatural forces.

The game has a very interesting look: similar to games like Paper Mario, the game has characters as if they were made of paper, interacting in a totally three-dimensional world, a world that has this sketch characteristic even in its textures since the ground to the dark, starry sky. The gameplay is simple, where you just walk and interact with objects.

The game, it is worth repeating, works as a prequel to another game, deepening this world further. It is short and can be finished in about 10 minutes or a little longer. If you have My Beautiful Paper Smile and enjoyed the story, it is worth playing Night in Riverager. You can check the gameplay here and download the game at one of the links below:

Take the opportunity to buy My Beautiful Paper Smile on Steam by clicking on the link below:

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