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NINJA GAIDEN REMASTERED: play as a ninja and save the world in this improved version of a classic.

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Ninja Gaiden REMASTERED (Ninja Gaiden As Interpreted by Minimacro Sound) is a platform action game originally developed by tecmo and reinterpreted by Minimacro Sound where you play as Ryu Rayabusa, a ninja who, after discovering his father has been killed, finds a card that asks Ryu to go to America. Upon arriving there, Ryu discovers a secret that could end the human race.

The game has improved graphics, reworked music and a more balanced difficulty, however, the game still has a high challenge, with unexpected drops and several elements within the stages that modify the gameplay and increase the challenge.

There is insertion of parallax (scenery layers effect that creates a feeling of depth) in the game and makes the scenes even more beautiful, besides extending the screen to the widescreen aspect.


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