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NO MORE SNOW: Armed to the Teeth, Fight Snowmen Zombies in this Dark Humor, Shooting Game

No More Snow is an isometric camera action and shooting game produced by Barzda and published on the "" platform on January 4th this year. You control Santa Claus who, armed to the teeth, must face hordes of snowmen and finally defeat his archenemy, Krampus.

The game features low-poly graphics and a beautiful cartoonish look. The gameplay is simple and consists of just moving the character and using the mouse both to shoot, aim, and throw grenades. The soundtrack is very interesting: it consists of Christmas songs but distorted and that are appropriate to the humorous style of the game.

The game is short but worth it as an uncompromised pastime. Check out the gameplay by clicking here and, if you are interested, you can download the demo at the link below:

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