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NO PLAYERS ONLINE (NEW UPDATE): a FPS Horror game where you play alone or not. (PC) GAME DOWNLOAD

Updated: Apr 2

No Players Online is a horror game in the first person where you join an online shooting game server but are alone in a match. Your objective is to capture the enemy flag and return to your post, but is it that simple?

In No Players Online the game has visuals inspired by games from the 32-bit era with the use of an analog filter to simulate old monitors and 3d models with few polygons in a gameplay where you need to retrieve flags and return to your post. However, you are alone in the game until strange things happen and you will need to decide within the server how to solve it.

No Players Online Huge Update download

No Players Online received a huge update that basically changes the entire game, contextualizing more how the player enters the FPS game server, as well as changes to the game map, the weapon that is now a pistol instead of a more futuristic weapon and many new features outside of the mysterious game, such as visiting forums and playing fun mini-games like a game at the bottom of the ocean and a Korean visual novel.

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