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NO STRINGS ATTACHED - Download Horror Game

No Strings Attached is a first-person horror game developed by Zed_Technician where you play as the owner of a small hotel who has been restlessly interrupted by a strange presence and a mysterious box. Upon opening, just a small clue to start your journey. Will you be able to solve this riddle on time?

The game has visuals already shown in other Zed-Technician games that are usually characters with exaggerated and cartoonish models and a focus on telling a horror story with some comic moments and a light horror, just like the game that runs on any PC.

In No Strings Attached you only have one clue to start with and you need to, through trial and error, figure out what the other clues are talking about and how to identify the right rooms. Also, the game appears to have other endings.

Check out the No Strings Attached Gameplay (Ending 2)

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