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NONZERO: THE DESCENT: Walk the Earth 10 Years after Helix's Release in this New Sci-Fi Horror Sequel

NonZero: The Descent is a short indie adventure and survival game produced by Jivapeira, and published on October 9th, this year, on the indie gaming platform The Descent is considered, according to Jivapeira, to be a sequel to the original three-act series, and explores events taking place on Earth ten years after the launch of the Helix spacecraft. You wake up in a facility called "TERA" not knowing what happened and how you got there. The only help you get is from an android suspended in midair a few feet away from the main hall window. Your objective is to try to find out what is going on, but you are not alone, while there is a monster lurking.

For those who have played the previous games in the franchise, The Descent doesn't bring much news, with the exception of the plot and a gameplay aspect, focused on stealth: most of the game focuses on finding four keys and triggering four gates in a mini "maze". In order to accomplish this objective, you will need to act stealthily, avoiding the monster's attention. In addition, you have some lockers in the place, which are used for you to hide from the monster. If he catches you, you die and return to the beginning of the place.

Graphically, it is the same pattern present in other games in the franchise. The look is well done and realistic. Also, because it's a game with a touch of horror, the dark setting and style take over, which adds to the tension. In the end, NonZero: The Descent seeks to add a little freshness to the franchise, as well as exploring parallel events to those happening inside Helix in previous games.

Check out the gameplay of NonZero: The Descent by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the little game from the page below.

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