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NOTHING IN SIGHT: Lead Four French Soldiers in the Midst of WWI in a Touching Simulation Game

Nothing in Sight is an indie simulation game produced in 9 months by a group of students from RUBIKA (France), as a graduation project and published on October 14th this year, on the indie gaming platform The plot of Nothing in Sight takes place in Ypres, 1915, in the middle of World War One. You act here as the leader of four French soldiers, helping them to carry out their orders. Over time you will discover more about their stories while the war is still raging.

Nothing in Sight may just be a graduation project, but it has such well-crafted elements, added to a plot that is built through the characters themselves and other elements, that you won't be surprised to see the awards and nominations he has. received: was a Grads in Games 2020 winner in the "best student game" category, received two nominations in the same category, one at the Ping Awards in 2019 and another at the Independent Games Festival in 2020, and was nominated at the Ludicious X in 2020 in the "innovation in games & emerging talent" category.

And no wonder, the game features a management system that allows you to make some decisions. The four soldiers have different personalities, and it's up to you to tailor them in whatever way you see fit inside the trench. The look is very well done, the scenery is well produced, and the soundtrack, although short, matches the game's proposal very well.

Despite being short, Nothing in Sight presented a very satisfying experience, which takes the player to know the characters, their hopes, frustrations and fears in the midst of a bloody war. Without a doubt, it is a project that deserved the praise received, in addition to presenting a huge potential to be better developed, receive more depth and even create a much more impactful experience than the one generated here. You can check out Nothing in Sight gameplay by clicking this link here. If you're interested (and I know you will), you can download the game by clicking on the page below.

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