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OBUSITE: Escape from a Strange Camera-Head Entity in this Little Nightmares-Inspired Game

Obusite is an adventure and puzzle game with a touch of atmospheric horror that is being produced by Corentin H. (and collaborators). The prototype version of the game was made available on the indie gaming platform on October 6th of this year. In Obusite, you control a lost little girl, who finds herself in a strange house, and who is trying to find a way out. The problem is that there is a strange and terrifying occupant who will do whatever it takes to trap you in his collection.

This prototype, according to the game's page, was produced in about a month and a half, and right away we already see a strong inspiration in Little Nightmares here. The idea is pretty much the same: you control a child inside an apparently abandoned house, but who is chased by some strange creature, and you look for a way to escape. The game, in terms of graphics, is very beautiful. The characters look a little stylized, like they're made of dough, in my opinion. The gameplay is similar to Little Nightmares, and the challenges are very interesting, presenting us with the puzzle aspect present here and ranging from intuitive to those that require a little more reasoning.

The soundtrack that accompanies the gameplay isn't very impressive, but it blends in well with Obusite's tense atmosphere. Despite having some bugs here and there, the initial experience (remembering that we are talking about a prototype) was very good in my opinion.

There is no release forecast for Obusite, maybe the game creators could take more time, improving the aspects or even recreating it, bringing more new features. For now, you can just download the prototype from the link below, or you can follow the gameplay on our channel by clicking on this link here.


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