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ONLYCANS: THIRST DATE: When OnlyFans meets Cans in this date simulator game.

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

OnlyCans: Thrist Date is a dating simulator with cans where you flirt with cans of drinks with different personalities causing them to dump all their content at the "you-know-what" climax.

The graphics are very beautiful, with reflections and light effects that draw attention. In addition, the design of the cans represents different personalities, including gender, appearance and even the accent of different regions.

Its function is to make each can - a kind of soft drink similar to Coca Cola called Shize - reach the climax and make the contents of the can be spread all over the place. Yes that's right! And the audio with voices reinforces this with lines from a true adult film.

Still, OnlyCans: Thrist Date has an innovative proposal that parodies adult films and also the famous site of exclusive content OnlyFans.

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