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PASTELPUNK: Destroy Robots, Collect Upgrades and Save the City in this Roguelike Action Game

Pastelpunk is a roguelike indie action game that was produced by pastelpunkteam and published on December 8th of this year, on the indie gaming platform Pastelpunk puts you in a desolate and uninhabitable world, where megacorporations, in a final act of greed, have spread a virus that has taken over the city's robots, making them extremely dangerous weapons. After that, the megacorporations flew into space, leaving the survivors to fend for themselves. It's up to you, a cyborg, to eliminate the mechanical threats and save the city.

The game features a roguelike style, that is, the maps change with each playtime. For the moment you choose between a gun with a bomb and a hammer. As you go on killing robots and clearing the area, you'll receive a cassette tape, where you choose a skill that works during your playtime, and even a floppy disk, containing a skill you can install after you lose and go back to the garage. . Visually speaking, the game is very beautiful, with a neon coloration, but focused on pastel tones, that's what gives the game its name. If I were to add a negative point here, it would be the lack of greater robot diversity, more stages, more upgrades, which would make the game more robust and a greater replay factor.

Despite being short, Pastelpunk is a fun experience, with a good soundtrack that really matches the sci-fi atmosphere of the game. Check out the gameplay and, if interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.


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