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PIXEL CRISIS: Stop a Crazy Billionaire and Save Your Partner in this Good Tribute to Time Crisis

Pixel Crisis is an on-rails FPS game produced by ThePrinceofMars and published on February 26th of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In Pixel Crisis, you control Robert, a secret agent, who was tasked with going to Casnia to stop Maximillian Drake, a billionaire who threatens the world with an intercontinental nuclear missile. He demands to be officially crowned as King of Casnia, as he declares to be of royal heritage. To make matters worse, he kidnapped his partner, agent Alessa Barter, who was caught during a mission.

The game was produced as a tribute to a classic of the genre, Time Crisis, produced by Namco and, without a doubt, it was a deserved tribute, because Pixel Crisis is a very well-produced game, but very well produced. The handling, as well as the pixelated visual style were well planned, and the gameplay allows the use of pistols, just as in the original game. And I can say that it is much better to play with the pistol than with the mouse and keyboard, since on the mouse it is a little problematic to move the crosshairs, causing you to take damage a little faster.

Without a doubt it is a great game and an amazing tribute. I say for sure, it owes nothing to the classic games of the genre. Although short, it is a fun game, well recommended. Check out the Pixel Crisis gameplay on this link here and take the opportunity to play it on the "" page below:

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