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POSTAL: BRAIN DAMAGED: a Boomer Shooter and spin-off taking the most outrageous FPS series ever

Postal: Brain Damaged is an indie FPS game developed by Hyperstrange and CreativeForge Games where you play as an impolitically correct boomer who gets sucked through a portal to a world where you face off with grumpy neighbors, dogs on steroids, obese flying burger tossers and much more in a world that mixes violence and comedy in search of a way back home.

The alpha build features a complete scenario where you can visit houses getting items, weapons and ammo while facing various enemies while dodging - or shooting - the harmless visitors of the place with bizarre weapons like a chainsaw and a shotgun that shoots hooks.

The game is a spin off of the franchise that retains all the features of the original style, but explores visuals with a 32-bit-era gaming aesthetic and good music that ranges from calm to heavy metal and traditional series dialogue.

Check out the gameplay

Download Postal: Brain Damaged Alpha

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