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PRIME 2D: An Amazing 15-year Project Based on One of the Greatest Game Cube Classics

Prime 2D is a fan game, that is, a game made by fans, which was produced by Team SCU and with a demo version released on April 2nd this year. The game has been in development for about 15 years, since 2004, and aims to bring the whole experience and world of one of the most famous titles in the franchise, Metroid Prime, to a 2D perspective, with a visual similar to games like Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion, with pixelated sprites and everything. In Prime 2D you control Samus Aran in yet another adventure, this time on the planet Tallon IV.

The game really impresses with its visuals and soundtrack. It's the same Metroid style of being: you investigate a gigantic map, looking for special items and abilities (even though you have to face bosses in the process) in order to proceed in areas that previously could not be accessed. Perhaps the only discordable point here is the gameplay: instead of opting for the use of the controller, Prime 2D values ​​the gameplay using the keyboard and the mouse (the latter, precisely for aiming, shooting and scanning objects).

For a project that has been in development for 15 years, the demo looks very promising. It would be great if they could complete the project, and become a complete game. However we must take into account that the Metroid franchise is owned by Nintendo and, as everyone knows, the company of Mario and co. has a custom of requiring fan-made projects to be canceled immediately. Who knows, maybe one day Nintendo will become more tolerant of the work of its fans?

Check out the Prime 2D gameplay at this link here. If you are interested, take the opportunity to download the demo by clicking on the link below:

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