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PYRAMAZE: Find Crystals to Gain an Ability and Trigger an Giant Crystal in this Platform Game

PyraMaze (or -PyraMaze-, as it is presented) is a third-person indie adventure platformer that is being produced by AsFunAsFun and has a demo version published on December 31, 2020, and has now been updated to September 27 this year, for 32bit Jam, on the indie gaming platform "". PyraMaze does not have a defined plot. You just control a young adventurer in a bee hive. Your objective is just to find pieces of crystal and trigger a huge crystal.

This version of PyraMaze, it seems, is a reworking of the previous version, practically made from scratch. Currently the game is still in the development stage and so far, there is not much new. PyraMaze is somewhat reminiscent of 32-bit and 64-bit era games like Sypro or Banjo-Kazooie, as it feels like what we call "Collect-A-Thon": you have a huge stage, with things to collect and that are required to complete or acquire a skill. And speaking of skill, here we have the same thing. In terms of visuals, the game features low-poly and low-resolution graphics, with a very nice aesthetic.

In terms of gameplay, the commands are pretty simple: you just use the left stick (WASD keys) to move, right stick (Mouse) as camera and the A button (Spacebar on keyboard, X on PlayStation or B on Nintendo Switch) to jump . Without a doubt, PyraMaze has a good potential to be an excellent platform game. We can't wait for the news that the game dev can bring to the development of this game. Check out the gameplay of this new version of PyraMaze by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the game on the page below:

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