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RAVENOUS - Download Game

Ravenous is a first-person horror game developed by Ekoay, Bro_Dah, Lea Chmielewski, BLAYA Thomas, TheSnowly, Max-Emilien ALLEGRE, Kurawr, rpzstone where you play as Louis, a child who is locked in a monster's basement and discovers that his sister is alive somewhere in the house. Now you will need to solve several puzzles and find out more information about yourself and your sister.

In Ravenous we have standard game visuals made in Unreal Engine, but it is necessary to understand that this is a product of a study and was developed in just 6 months by developers and designers starting their projects. Taking this context into account, Ravenous shows a lot of technique, manages to create a good horror atmosphere and shows some potential for further development.

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